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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload replays that will be visible only to me?
Currently "private" replays are not supported. All uploaded replays are public.
I uploaded some replays anonymously. How can I add them to "↑My Uploads"?
You can do so by re-uploading them after logging in. All replays are added to "↑My Uploads" automatically if you are logged in while uploading.
Are there any limits to uploadable replays?
You may ony upload replays that do not exceed 1 MB. Bigger replays will be rejected. Replays that have an invalid game date will also be rejected.
What is APM, and how is it calculated?
APM stands for Actions per Minute, it is a measurement of how fast players are during games, how many commands they issue during 1 minute. Higher APM means more activity, more frequently issued commands.
APM calculation is pretty simple: one just have to divide the number of commands by the number of minutes during which those commands were issued. For example 200 commands in 2 minutes results in 100 APM.
Often the first minute or so is excluded from APM calculation, but Blizzard does not do so, and so repmastered.app doesn't exclude the first minute either.
However, the time used in calculation is the timestamp of the last action of players, so if a player leaves early, his / her APM will be calculated using the time while he / she was in the game.
Some external readings on APM: APM on Wikipedia, Actions per Minute on Liquipedia, Sc2gears APM Types
What is EAPM, and how is it calculated?
EAPM stands for Effective APM. EAPM excludes commands from the APM calculation that are considered to be ineffective such as:
  • Unit queue overflow: training units that cannot fit into the queue
  • "Immediately" (dt < ~0.8s) cancelling a unit or upgrade
  • Repeating certain commands too fast (dt < ~0.4s) such as Stop, Hold, Attack, Set Rally etc.
  • Changing selection or reselecting the same units too fast (dt < ~0.3s); note: double-tapping a hotkey group to center the group is not considered ineffective
  • Repeating certain commands (without time restriction) such as Morph, Upgrade, Merge Archon, Lift off, Cancel Build etc.
  • Repeating the same Hotkey Add or Assign command
What is Redundancy, and how is it calculated?
Redundancy is simply the ratio of ineffective commands compared to all player commands.
Redundancy = ineffective commands / all commands * 100 % = (APM - EAPM) / APM * 100%.
20% redundancy for example means that on average 20 commands out of 100 are considered to be ineffective.
Why are some buildings / units duplicated on the Build Orders table and chart?
Replays only store commands issued by the players, but not whether those commands are carried out successfully. For example a player may select a Probe and issue "Build Pylon" multiple times before the Probe reaches the destination where the Pylon should be built. There is no 100% way to determine which commands are unsuccessful (in order to filter them out).
How accurate are the calculated statistics?
Statistics are calculated from the uploaded replays, so the accuracy is limited by this.
For example replays do not store the information who won. I wrote some algorithms to detect winners based on what’s available in replays, but it never will be 100% accurate. I encourage to upload replays even if a game already exists, because having multiple replays increases the chance to more accurately detect winners (the system can detect if multiple replays belong to the same game). So the system evolves naturally as more replays are uploaded.
Also, whenever I make improvements to the algorithms, I apply them retrospectively to past replays, so the win ratio, statistics and all other displayed information improves and gets more accurate over time.
Can I exclude short games from statistics so they don't distort the results?
Short games do not distort the statistics as games shorter than 1 minute are already excluded from statistics (see Excluded Games column).
Is the site free? Can I support you somehow?
The site is free for all, but you can support me with donations. Check out the ⛑️Donate page.
If you plan to use Digitalocean, you can use my referral link to register. You earn $100 and you also help me by doing so: https://m.do.co/c/7bdc66c1fe73
You can also help me by spreading the word about repmastered.app. Tell your friends about it.
And last but definately not least: upload as many replays as many you can get your hands on 😉