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A StarCraft®: Brood War® game, event, player and map database, replay sharing and analyzer site.
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The following is a brief list of RepMastered™'s main features.

Multi-replay upload

You can easily upload single or multiple replays at once on the ⬆Upload page.
You may select a single or multiple replays in a folder.
You may also select a folder, and all replays within it will be uploaded (recursing down to subfolders too).
You can upload hundreds (or even thousands) of replays with the folder feature with a few clicks.

Replay and game detection

The site detects and handles if the same replay is uploaded multiple times, so you don't have to worry about that.
Uploading the same replay multiple times does no harm.

The site also detects and handles if multiple replays of the same game are uploaded, replays from multiple participants of a game.
In fact, it is encouraged to upload replays even if the game already exists due to someone else's replay from the game.
Having multiple replays of the same game allows to obtain and display more accurate information.

Comprehensive replay analyzer

A comprehensive replay analyzer right in your browser to show you what's inside replays without having to download and watch.
This includes:

  • Showing key information about the game
  • Presenting highly customizable charts (like APM, EAPM, Hotkeys, Build Orders, Strategy)
  • Summary about players
  • An animated map view of the game (showing builds over time), with toggable layers. It's like re-playing your game right in your browser!
  • A build orders table
  • Chat of the game
  • All of the commands issued by the players during the game, with inefficiency classification

Replay tagging

You may upload replays anonymously, but it's recommended to 🚪Login first, so replays uploaded by you will be tagged automatically with "⬆My Uploads".
There are several additional builtin, system tags that you can apply on games, such as "❤Favorite", "👍GG", "👎BM", "😂LOL", "😲WOW".
You can also add your own tags and fully customize them. You can hide / unide any tags at any time–even the builtin, system tags.
On the 📹Games page you can select tags to list and filter your tagged games easily.

In-depth statistics

All kinds of stastics are gathered automatically from 👨Players, 🗺️Maps, 🆚Matchups and 👬Playmates.
These include activity and trends over time (popularity for maps), number of games, record (wins-losses-unknown), races used, first and last games, weighted average APM and EAPM, average game length and more.
Player and Map profile pages even break down these statistics by matchups, races, formats and game types.
Player profile pages also list the top playmates, with a link to list all playmates of the player.
Map profile pages also show the Leaderboard (top players on the map), with a link to show the complete map leaderboard.
The 👨Players page also shows combined, aggregated statistics of multiple players when the search results are no more than 50. List your aliases to see total statistics of your StarCraft career.

There is also a dedicated page to show global statistics of all uploaded replays: ∑Stats

High-resolution StarCraft map images

Preview and large map images are rendered using StarCraft graphics. Map images also include units (such as critters) placed on the maps.

Map reconstruction from replays

You want to re-play some old maps you love but you lost the map files?
Not a problem. There is a ⬇Download .scx map link on the Game details page. RepMastered™ can reconstruct the map from replays, and you can download the map so you can start new games on it!
You can also download the map from the map's profile page (which is constructed from a "random" replay played on the map.) Note that maps with same name might not be identical, but you can download the concrete map used in any game.

Event and Tournament database

An event and tournament database is also managed, which you can browse / filter on the 📅Events page.
This allows you to quickly find games of various events, and also see all kinds of statistics about the events.

Easy navigation, Popups

Many entities such as Players, Maps, Matchups, game formats, types, game dates have popups wherever they are displayed.
Clicking on these entities displays a popup with items to quickly go to Player and Map profile pages, list games of the entity, copy their name to the clipboard, or set them as filters when appropriate.

Passwordless login

You can use the site anonymously, but it's recommended to 🚪Login.
RepMastered™ uses passwordless authentication: you never have to enter any passwords.
You provide your email address, and a one-time entry code is emailed to you.
You verify your email and login by copying the entry code from the email sent to you.

Sharable profiles, pages and links

You can save and share any link / page of RepMastered™.
The link also "remembers" which tab you have had opened on the Game details,
or which search terms you have entered on the Games page, along with the results page number.


The site offers a fair amount of options and settings to customize charts and the map view.
These settings are saved and remembered locally (in your browser) even if you are not logged in.

User specific settings (including custom tags and player aliases) can be viewed / edited on the ⚙️Settings page (requires login).